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FLIPPO at Old Hilliardfest 2016

OHF2016FlippoFLIPPO is the brainchild of bass virtuoso Andy Woodson and is dedicated to playing Jazz Rock Fusion made popular in the 1970’s by such artists as Weather Report, Herbie Hancock, Billy Cobham and others. The members are Michael Cox (saxophones), Dennis Hodges (guitar), Erik Augis (keyboards),...
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The Digs at Old Hilliardfest 2016

OHF2016DigsFormed in the Spring of 2013, the Digs hail from Columbus. Using experience acquired through years of toiling the seedy bar rooms of the Columbus music scene, the Digs bring audiences a thrilling experience of sights and sounds influenced by classic American Rockabilly, Swing and Classic...
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The Redlines at Old Hilliardfest 2016

03 - OHF2016RedvinesThe Redvines, formed in 2013, explored many different flavors while developing its sound. Drummer Brady Oxender says “Some people would say we sounded country; others said it sounded like Thin Lizzy or the Eagles…we didn’t know what we were doing — and still don’t.” The...
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