David Stanley & Associates’ Touch-a-Truck at Old Hilliardfest

TAT2018 LogoDo you have child who would love to see a firetruck up close? What about a police car, army truck, John Deere tractor, digger, dump truck, or backhoe?

David Stanley & Associates' Touch-a-Truck at Old Hilliardfest is a newly added component to the event. This free event for all ages offers children and families not only an opportunity to explore various vehicles up close, but also to meet the people who protect and serve the local community.

Touch-a-Truck will take place in the parking lot of the Chase Bank in Old Hilliard, right in the middle of the main event! Check out our Festival Map for details on how to find Touch-a-Truck.

For more information about Touch-a-Truck at Old Hilliardfest, or if you have a vehicle or piece of equipment you would like to include in the show, please contact us.

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