Old Hilliardfest Sunflower Show

Old Hilliardfest Art & Street FairTo recognize its botanical beauty, Old Hilliardfest has an annual Sunflower Show. This is the only Sunflower Show that we know of in Central Ohio. Community members are encourage to bring their impressive Sunflowers and enter them into the Sunflower Show. We typically receive about a dozen entries.

We're looking for the tallest, shortest, biggest, and smallest individual Sunflower. Awards will also be presented for most flowers on one stem, prettiest Sunflower arrangement, best depiction of Sunflower(s) (photo, painting, sculpture, etc), and best of show.

Please see our Festival Map for more info on how to locate the Sunflower Show within the festival.

Please bring entries to the Sunflower Show in the Art Fair no later than 12pm day-of-festival. Entries will be judged and awards will be presented shortly thereafter at the Americana Main Stage. Entries will be displayed until 8pm, when the festival ends. Please return at that time to claim your entries, or entries will become property of Old Hilliardfest.

For more information about the Sunflower Show, please contact us.

Photos from past Sunflower Shows