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Hayseed at Old Hilliardfest 2016

04 - OHF2016Hayseed"Hayseed is, in my mind, on the same level as Bob Dylan and Neil Young and Van Morrison," “That's just what I think, that's my opinion, for what it's worth. I don't say that about everybody who comes down the pike, and you can...
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The Redlines at Old Hilliardfest 2016

03 - OHF2016RedvinesThe Redvines, formed in 2013, explored many different flavors while developing its sound. Drummer Brady Oxender says “Some people would say we sounded country; others said it sounded like Thin Lizzy or the Eagles…we didn’t know what we were doing — and still don’t.” The...
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The Spikedrivers at Old Hilliardfest 2016

SpikedriversThe Spikedrivers front man is Jesse Henry, who was raised Mennonite in rural Northwest Ohio and who spent his early years working on grain elevators and learning songs of the great American Troubadours. He brings his electrifying stage presence and musicianship wherever he roams. Megan Palmer, a...
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