Kelley is an Old Hilliardfester for life and is Treasurer of the Hilliard Civic Association. Her role in the festival has evolved over the years, but she looks forward to this festival all year long. Kelley grew up in Tiffin, Ohio. She met her husband, Ed, in high school. She attended Bowling Green State University and she had her husband have since raised their three kids in Hilliard - Luke, Erin, and Clay. Oh, don't forget their pet dog Pepper! When she's not moonlighting with old Hilliardfest or as an artist, you can find Kelley by searching for a mother about to go into labor; as she is a midwife for a non profit called Center for Humane Options in the Childbirth Experience (CHOICE) and a member of Ohio midwives Alliance. Kelley is also a board member of the Hilliard Arts Council and very much enjoys gardening.